Idaho crews to use blue salt in road clearing

Idaho blue road salt

Drivers in North Idaho can expect to see blue salt on roadways as Idaho Transportation Department crews continue their road clearing battle. 

As early as this weekend, maintenance crews will begin the next stage in the department's efforts to improve roadways and public safety. 

The blue salt is said to be less corrosive than traditional salt, and less is needed to achieve the same results. 

According to Saltworx, the company that manufactures the blue salt, it is made from natural products that are safe for the environment. 

"We are just experimenting with it at this stage," says ITD's North Idaho Manager's Assistant Mike Lenz. "It has the potential to save money, some wear-and-tear on vehicles, and most importantly, be more effective on the roads."

The blue salt will be used on 1,500 miles of area roadways across the region. 

(story: Lexi Perry, Producer,; photo: Saltworx)

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