Zag students race for the best seat in the house


Gonzaga students trying to get the number one tent need a combination of teamwork, dedication, strategy and a little luck.

Students at the front of the line get the front row on senior night to watch the final home game of the season.

“I am going to miss being a part of it and feeling that love,” Senior Rem Bakamus says as he gears up for his last game in the Kennel.

“I have felt love from everyone and am very appreciative of what they have done for me,” Bakamus adds.

A love that he says is bigger than basketball.

“I am excited that my whole family gets to be there,” he says. But it is not just his family that is making a special effort to be there.

At lunchtime Wednesday, Gonzaga students were staked across campus waiting for one secret tweet…scheduled to drop right at 12:15.

The tweet contained a secret location the Kennel Club has been hiding at.

After the tweet went out, students ran from all areas of campus to hopefully be tent number one.

Students in tent number one get to be in the front row for the biggest game of the season.

“It’s pretty crazy to get to be number one on senior night while the Zags are number one. It is a great way to go out as a senior,” tent number one recipient CJ Michael adds.

The Zags will host BYU 7pm Saturday at the McCarthey Athletic Center. The game will be televised on ESPN2. 

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