Quick fix only option for Spokane's potholes


Potholes are everywhere and finding a road in Spokane that's pothole free well it seems impossible.

Jessica Pugsley hit a pothole on her way to the Harlem Globetrotters game.  Her rim bent, tire flat, and her bumper scratched. “There was no way that I could missed it," she said.

Last month, we spoke the street department about the recurring issue.

"Instead of just leaving the hole there and creating havoc with our traffic, we'll put mix in the hole even though there's water in the hole. We'll put mix in there understanding that it is a temporary fix," former Street Director Mark Serbousek told us in January.

What the city needs is the hot stuff. But because asphalt plants close during the winter, that won't be available until spring. So for now, we have to deal with the temporary fix

"My advice would be to drive slow because they're everywhere I mean there's truly no avoiding them.” Jessica said. 

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