VIDEO: Washout leaves gaping pit in Eltopia farm

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Video of a huge washout on an alfalfa farm in Eltopia, Washington has gone viral on Facebook. The video was posted to the personal Facebook page of a farmhand who wishes to remain anonymous. 

The video shows just how destructive Mother Nature can be. Large amounts snowmelt runoff left a gaping hole in the middle of the field that's estimated to be 60-80 feet deep and 150-200 feet long. 

The farmhand noticed the washout forming on Friday and decided to move the pivot irrigation system far away from where the trench was forming. By Saturday, that trench could be easily mistaken for a sinkhole and had nearly reached the irrigation pivot again. 

The owner of the farm is still at a loss for exactly what to do. It's going to take a thousands of dirt loads to fill the gaping pit back up. 

(story: Nichole Mischke, KHQ Right Now Reporter, video:

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