Costs of Spokane's potholes adding up


Spokane's streets are crumbling, and many people want to know where's the money to fix these streets?

"We budget, obviously, for an average year pothole repair so there is money in that budget," said City of Spokane Spokeswoman Marlene Feist.

The city has money in its purse to fix these ailing streets, but it comes with a price for filling these potholes, "It costs a few hundred dollars depending on how much material we have to put into the hole," Feist said.

One pothole on Regal and 37th Avenue had a temporary fix a few weeks ago, but that fix didn't hold up, and now cold patch is all over the road and sidewalk. "Whether you're filling the same pothole over and over or if you're just filling a larger number of potholes, of course the costs add up," Feist added

Just over 900 potholes have been filled since January 1, and that number is expected to rise. 

"We're going to prioritize our work to make sure we deal with the problem conditions in our street," said Feist.

We asked the former Street Director Mark Serbousek, who was outside of City Hall Tuesday, about the pothole problem and he declined to comment.

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