February 2017: 2nd wettest Feb in Spokane history

Road closed detour signs

That snow that came down this morning? Yeah, it officially bumped February 2017 into the second wettest February on record in Spokane. 

So far this month, we've had nearly 4 inches (3.97 to be exact) of precipitation. The previous wettest February on record was in 1961, when we received 3.94 inches of precipitation, and the .16 inches we received Tuesday put us past that. 

With a week left in this dreary month, will we set the record? Probably not. The record was set in 1940 when we received 5.62 inches of precipitation. 

The rain and melt-off this month has caused flooding problems for our area. The region remains under a flood watch until 6:00 p.m. Wednesday. 

(story and photo: KHQ.com)

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