Stevens County family returns home after flooding


It seems like round two of the rain is about to hit, but some families are still dealing with the effects of round one.

Families in Springdale were trapped in their own homes Friday after snowmelt and rain flooded the roads. But on Sunday, most of that water had gone back into the creek.

Donald Haynes is one of the ones who actually evacuated as the water quickly rose.

“The water had come all the way up to the horse trailer,” Donald says.

That water was blocking his driveway, the only way in and out of his home. You can still see the ice blocks the water left behind and the lake that used to be his field. Despite all the water, he, his wife and his newborn got in their pickup and drove out of there.

“We said our prayers. It was pretty frightening the water was rushing over the bridge. It was moving my truck sideways,” he says.

The water was nearly four feet high and even got into his car. But thankfully, everyone was okay and now that he’s back home, he knows all the buildings and his horses are okay too.

They’re moving back and getting ready to clean up the mess the water left behind.

“We might have a lake for a little while but not too bad,” he says.

Donald wants to give a huge thanks to all his friends and family who helped them out while they evacuated, especially the Canfields who went back to his property in a kayak as the water continued to rise.

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