Robbery suspect fights Spokane County deputies

Spokane County Sheriff badge

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested 25-year-old Shane Sleep after deputies say he assaulted a man while demanding the victim’s wallet at a truck stop.

The man told deputies he was walking back to his truck after paying for fuel when Sleep noticed him, then turned and ran at him, demanding his wallet.

The victim told deputies that Sleep began punching him in the face and head as he continued to demand the wallet.

Someone nearby heard the commotion and came to help the victim, punching Sleep in the face.

Deputies say the surveillance video of the attempted robbery and assault show Sleep running toward a neighboring apartment complex.

Deputies found Sleep at his apartment, and Sleep insisted that he had not done anything.

When deputies escorted Sleep to the patrol car, he became uncooperative, kicking the door and refusing to sit upright.

When deputies placed a seatbelt on Sleep, he spit at the deputies, hitting two of them.

During the booking process at the jail, Sleep again became aggressive and injured a correction officer’s knee.

Sleep was booked into the Spokane County Jail for robbery and two counts of assault. 

(story:; image: Spokane County Sheriff’s Office)

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