Stranger danger warning from Post Falls parents


Post Falls police officers continued to patrol school bus stops Tuesday after a concerning incident the previous morning.

Police say on Monday, they received a report from a mother that a strange man drove by a school bus stop and took a picture of her daughter. This happened in the area of Stagecoach Drive and Poleline Avenue.

“We got a lot of neighbors and they're home during the day but it's just, it's scary,” says Bobbi Day, the girl’s mother.

She says her daughter was waiting at the bus stop to go to school Monday morning.

“She said that a guy coming down the corner here stopped, rolled down the window, took a picture of her, smiled at her and left,” she says.

They immediately went back out to see the area, and she can’t believe that someone would be taking a picture of anything else there.

“There's nothing to take a picture of - that's just creepy,” Bobbi says.

Post Falls Police say it is concerning because they don't know what that man’s intentions were. Bobbi says now is a good time to have a conversation with your kids about what they can do to stay safe.

“We always talked about stranger danger and to look at as much stuff as they can,” Bobbi says.

Post Falls police say the man had a white beard and was driving a white compact car. They’re asking that if anyone sees anything suspicious to give them a call immediately.

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