Spokane cat killer still hasn't been caught


Some are growing increasingly concerned about a possible serial cat killer in Spokane.

In August, Wesley O'Dell and his wife found the first kitten that was dead in the street, wrapped up tightly in USB cords. Then, there was a second one a few weeks after. In November, three cats wrapped in duct tape were found dead. One of them got away.

Wesley O’Dell says he hasn’t heard much of an update on what’s happening, and alleges that when he called SCRAPS about it he was treated like a suspect. He just wants to warn the community that the person responsible for these cats’ deaths is still out there.

“I think if you don't stop it in the beginning it's going to get worse,” he says.

SCRAPS couldn't comment on camera because it's an ongoing investigation. But they say they have spent a lot of time on this case and turned over everything they have now to prosecutors. They also say it's typical for investigators to ask all questions to rule people out from being suspects.

Wesley just wants to see justice in this case.

“I don't intend to give up on any of this until the person is found and prosecuted or anything else,” O’Dell says. “That's my only prerogative is to help these kittens not be killed anymore. I love animals. I don't think it's fair. It's not okay.”

SCRAPS also says if you are a witness, call their main line and schedule an interview with an officer. They want to hear from you.

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