Spokane businesses take a stand against hate


“Hate has no business here.” That what small businesses around Spokane are saying without speaking a word.

Main Street Alliance started this national movement, creating posters for businesses to put in their windows. They read:

“Hate has no business here. We respect women. We value black lives. We stand with our LGBT community members. We stand with immigrants and refugees and people of all faiths. We stand with our community. All are welcome here.”

“They're letting people know that no matter who you are, you're welcome here,” says Abbie Speer, an employee.

Speer says that sign is an important one, especially after a divisive election season and the hateful comments made targeting minority groups. 

“This country was based on diversity, and acceptance so why should we stop doing that now?” Speer says.

So now, businesses across the nation are banding together with one message.

“We’re focused very much on community and kind of bridging relationships with people,” Speer says.

They’re encouraging conversations, understanding, and most of all, inclusiveness.

“I think that's the biggest and probably most important part of that is being able to meet people,” she says. “Making yourself a little uncomfortable and getting outside of the box makes you a better person, makes you a stronger community.”

They want to make sure people know hate has no place in the community, and it should be a community that stands up for one another.

A poster distributor tells KHQ she’s passed out 100 and has 200 more on order.

To learn more: http://www.mainstreetalliance.org/hate_has_no_business_here

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