Alleged Centennial Trail attacker appears in court

alleged Centennial Trail tackler in court (photo: KHQ)

A community and a campus are on high alert after a woman was attacked while jogging on the Centennial Trail.

This happened on Friday just south of Gonzaga’s Jundt Art Museum and Spokane police arrested James Jenness for unlawful imprisonment. They say he threw a blanket over the woman, threw her to the ground, and then fled. Prosecutors said in court that Jenness was only wearing a green towel.

Gonzaga Security tells KHQ they are focusing patrols on that area now, especially as it is getting warmer, even though it isn’t on their campus. They also have sent out reminders to students on how to stay safe if they’re going for a run:

“With the weather starting to turn a little warmer and sunnier, Campus Security & Pubic Safety wants to remind you of some safety tips when you are enjoying the many activities to do in Spokane:

When on the streets and trails of the community, be aware of your surroundings.

Only wear one earbud if you are listening to music.

Walk or run on the trails with friends.

Make sure your cell phone is completely charged.

Let a friend of family member know your plan if you plan on a run or bike trip on the trails.

Always report suspicious or criminal activity to 911 and also to Campus Security if the activity is on or near Campus.”

Jenness is being held on a $50,000 bond in Spokane County jail. He has previous felony convictions, including a homicide in Colorado, according to prosecutors.

(story and photo: Katie Chen,

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