Wet snow becoming dangerous for Spokane roofs


The Lilac City is melting.

Just about everywhere you look you’ll see icicles dripping, or snow falling from pine trees.

The slush creates its own set of problems for drivers, but maybe the most serious concern is the snow sitting on your roof.

“It's definitely dangerous to be underneath back porch areas and car ports,” said Brian Vavra. “There's a sense of urgency that with new rainfall the snow is getting so heavy. The roof capacity isn't going to hold it.”

Vavra has been shoveling snow off roofs for 20 years. The contractor for A New Creation says he hasn't seen this many stressed roofs since the 2008 winter.

Vavra says most roofs are built to hold 40 lbs. per square foot. But the recent rain has saturated the snow and Vavra says it now weighs 60-80 lbs. per square foot.

Vavra says you can tell if a roof is stressed if it's bowed.

He also says if you plan on going up; use a snow rake to remove some of the snow first.

“You don't want to get up there and have it collapse while you're up there,” said Vavra.

Clear ice dams so the snowmelt has somewhere to go.

And if you don't feel safe climbing onto your roof, call a professional.

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