Spokane storm drains need clearing, too!

Storm drain clearing

With temperatures rising and rain under way, the snow melt is on. And while city crews are working to clear snow and ice from storm drains, there are 12,000 storm drains in the city, so they're asking for your help.

If you don’t know where the closest storm drain is to your house or business, you can use MapSpokane on the City’s web site to find out.

Here are the steps to find your storm drain:

  • Go to the map.
  • Click on Search in the top right corner.
  • Put your address into the Search tool so it the map zooms into it.
  • Go to the menu on the left, click on Layers and then Utilities.
  • Select Stormwater.
  • Green-blue lines should appear on the map that shows the location of stormwater infrastructure.
  • The small squares depict the storm drains or catch basins.

If you see a flooded intersection or street within the City, don’t drive through it; your vehicle could stall. But please report street flooding by calling 755-CITY(2489). After regular business hours, call 625-7800 to report standing water.

(story: Luke Thoburn, KHQ News Producer; photo: KHQ.com)

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