Spokane Co. Superior Court warns of jury duty scam

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Over the course of the last several weeks, the Spokane County Superior Court has fielded countless calls from citizens who say they have received a call from someone claiming to be a Police Officer, US Marshall, or Sheriff's Deputy representing the court. 

The caller claims there is an arrest warrant issued for failing to appear and that the potential victim must pay up to $2,000 with a cashier's check. 

The caller also orders the person to appear in front of a Superior Court Judge on a given date and time if they do not pay. 

The Spokane County Superior Court says the caller is familiar enough with the Superior Court that they are using real judges' names and courtroom numbers in their calls. 

The court system in Spokane County wants the public to know that they do not call people asking for a payment or personal information, or issue warrants in this manner.

According to the FBI, jury duty scams are common. The victims are often caught off-guard by the unexpected threat of being arrested and are more likely to give out personal information to defuse the situation. 

Scammers will use the information they gather from these scams to steal a person's identity or empty their bank account. 

If you have received a similar call, the Spokane Superior Court asks you to hang up and contact Crime Check immediately at 456-2233. 

(story: Lexi Perry, Producer, KHQ.com; image: KHQ.com)

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