Is Spokane’s snow removal map accurate?


Throughout the winter, we’ve received numerous phone calls and messages about the City of Spokane’s snow removal plan.

Many people are concerned that their street didn’t get plowed, even though the snow removal map indicated otherwise.

So we sent KHQ Local News reporter Joe McHale to the streets to test the accuracy of the map. Keep in mind he wasn’t able to make it to every neighborhood in the city.

First stop: Lower South Hill. The map shows most of the area has been plowed. Joe drove around and didn’t see any streets that were clearly unplowed. Grand Blvd. was in pristine condition. Of course, that’s because when the city declares a Stage 2 Snow Event they prioritize arterials, bus and hospital routes.

Second stop: Perry District. The map shows most of the area is plowed. A lot of the roads looked like they weren’t plowed. Joe drove though 18th Ave. and spoke with a man who says he saw a plow go through the neighborhood right after Friday’s snowfall. Keep in mind; it snowed again on Sunday, so streets that were already plowed collected more snow.

Final stop: Browne’s Addition. The map shows most of the area is plowed or currently being plowed by the city. Other streets, like Poplar near 1st Ave. haven’t been scheduled, according to the map. It appears the street conditions were in line with the map.

So, is this snow removal map accurate? Based on the several places Joe stopped by, we’d say yes.

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