Browne's Addition to be plowed Thursday, Friday


The City of Spokane has now announced there will now be no plowing Wednesday in Browne's Addition and that north/south streets will be plowed on Thursday. This is the second change from what they initially announce on Tuesday and most likely an effort to give people a chance to move their cars to the correct streets so they don't get towed. On Tuesday the City initially announced on Twitter that they would be plowing north/south streets on Wednesday and east/west streets in Browne's Addition on Thursday.

Then they announced east/west streets would be plowed on Wednesday instead of north/south streets.

For the second and final change, they have now said there will be no plowing in Browne's Addition on Wednesday and north/south streets will be plowed on Thursday. So, don't scramble to go move your car this morning. But be aware that on Thursday, cars will need to be moved off north/south streets or they could be towed.  East/west streets in Browne's Addition will be plowed on Friday.     

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