Here's the latest Spokane crime data

What kind of crime has been committed the most in Spokane in the last 30 days?

Is it home break-ins? No. Aggravated assault? Not even close. Drugs or alcohol violations? Wrong again.

It's car break-ins, by-far.

Spokane crime class pie chart

300 vehicles have been ransacked since the start of January, according to the City's crime data base. Put into map form, police can pinpoint exactly where the problem has gotten worse - in this case, the hottest spot for thefts from vehicles has been in the vicinity of Division and Francis. But there have also been numerous break-ins near Gonzaga and around Cannon Hill Park on the City's south side.

Spokane crime map

Now you know where it's happening - but how about when? Spokane P.D.'s Crime Analysis Program even spots when thefts from autos are most likely to occur.  So, if you're reading this on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon - you might want to go out and double-check your door locks - because it's happening right NOW.Spokane crime day and hour

Car break-ins have become so wide-spread, that Spokane Police on Thursday took some highly unusual steps to draw attention to the problem. KHQ is working on that story for you tonight on KHQ Local News at 6 p.m.

(story and images: Andrea Olson, KHQ Local News Producer/Reporter,

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