Stolen car found in Spokane River

Stolen car in Spokane River found Feb 1 2017

A stolen vehicle was found in the Spokane River Wednesday morning near East Desmet and South Riverton.

Spokane police say they do not think someone was in the vehicle but they are sending a dive team into the water to look just in case.

The Spokane Fire Department initially responded to the call as a water rescue after a woman walking along Riverton called and said she noticed there were tire tracks driving down the embankment into the water. An Idaho license plate was also found nearby and police have confirmed that the plate was from a vehicle stolen on January 27th from Spokane.

The fire department initially sent rescue crews into the water in canoes, and they were able to locate where the vehicle was pretty quickly from above water because the car's antenna was still sticking out of the river.

Spokane police have now taken over the scene and say they are treating this as a crime scene while they work to confirm whether someone was in the vehicle and pull the car out of the water.

(story and photo: Nichole Mischke, KHQ Right Now Reporter,

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