Car launches off 'Coffin Corner' on Hwy 395

Pontiac at Coffin Corner

A man is lucky to be alive after falling asleep at the wheel and launching his car off the roadway in Deer Park at highway 395 and Crawford, a deadly intersection, often referred to as "Coffin Corner." The man was driving about 60mph when his car left the roadway.

Spokane County Sheriffs say the man was able to get himself out of his car and did not sustain any injuries. They also say the driver said all he knew was that he was driving and then woke up as his car was airborne.

Deputies say the icy snowbanks along the guardrail basically created a ramp to launch his car off the highway. "His car never even touched the guardrail, he just drove right off the snow berm."

The man was driving a Pontiac and crews have had a challenging time getting the car back onto the roadway.

(story and photo: Nichole Mischke, KHQ Right Now Reporter,

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