Creators of Z Nation, the first TV series entirely produced in the Spokane area, brought hundreds of jobs to Spokane. The show is being shot several hours a day, six days a week.

The cast and crew for the show were on set of the Howard Street Bridge on Tuesday afternoon. The team took over parts of Riverfront Park, closing two bridges for much of the day.

'Z Nation' filming brings road closures Downtown

"Everything is on schedule, it looks great, the network is very happy and I think we're going to have a very successful series here,” said show producer, Rich Cowan.

The show was set to be shot and edited throughout the summer. The show’s producers said they were excited to use the Inland Northwest as the setting for the story, which takes place across the country.

"You can find just about every possible location here in Spokane that could look like the east coast, the Midwest, could look like anywhere in the United States,” said producer Jodi Binstock.

North by Northwest Productions and other companies involved in the series promised 200 actors and 1,300 extras would be hired when they announced the show. As of June, 20 people per episode with speaking roles had been hired. Producers were also using 100 extras per episode. There were 13 episodes scheduled to be shot in 2014.

“Start to finish, everything in Spokane, even the special effects, even the visual effects, all of the editing, all done here,” said Cowan.

Syfy zombie show to be produced in Spokane

Staff with the show said the local economy would benefit from people in town for the series visiting local businesses.

Shooting for the second episode wrapped up on Tuesday. The show was expected to start airing on the Syfy channel in September.