Hopelessly Hopeful

Whatever You Do

The mundane just isn't mundane when seen through heaven's eyes.

Gifts to Share

A body of water becomes stagnant when there is no outflow. The same could be said of us.


What if we learned to see this world and everyone in it as gifts from God?

Out of Egypt

"Out of Egypt I called my son." With these words the Gospel of Matthew reveals the rich and interconnected history of the young nation, Israel, and the young Savior, Jesus. On their journeys to discover the true Israel and what He means to your life today

A Shoot from the Stump

A shoot springs forth from the stump of Jesse. Is it a sign of hope--or a threat?

Gestures of Hope

Dr. Michael Zeigler shows how even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way, by God's grace.

Beauty We Can't See

We often feel our need for God's presence only when we see what it looks like when He's absent.

How Long...

"How Long..." is a special presentation of the The Lutheran Hour featuring the music of Erin Bode and an original story revealing an ancient set of poems inspired by the book of Isaiah called the "O Antiphons". Through a series of creative messages and intriguing music, a city church invites a skeptical young woman into the church at Christmastime.

Paradise Restored

If God is love, what are we to make of His wrath?