Health Board Fires Dr. Bob Lutz

The Spokane County Board of Health is officially firing Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz. 

Board members voted eight-to-four last night in favor of firing Lutz following a special meeting that lasted more than four hours. City Council President Breean Beggs voted against firing Lutz and later issued a statement saying the move puts community members at risk during the ongoing deadly coronavirus pandemic. Board members voted unanimously to appoint Dr. Francisco Velazquez as Lutz's temporary replacement until at least December.

Dr. Lutz is vowing to fight the Health Board's move to fire him, calling the termination "politically motivated." Lutz issued a statement shortly after last night's vote saying he will take legal action to fight the termination. Lutz says he was "wrongfully fired" without reasonable cause "in retaliation for unpopular COVID-19 decisions he made this year."