WATCH: Bystanders Stop Runaway Car After Driver Has Medical Episode

Photo: Boynton Beach Police Department

A group of Good Samaritans in Florida saved the life of a woman and prevented a car accident after a driver suffered a medical emergency while behind the wheel.

The woman's car slowly entered a busy intersection when one of her co-workers in another car noticed she was slumped over the wheel. He ran out and stopped traffic as several other bystanders got out of their vehicles to help. One man used a dumbbell to smash the rear passenger's side window.

Another man then climbed through the broken window and unlocked the doors. They then managed to put the car in park and pushed it to the parking lot of a 7-Eleven, where a nurse provided medical attention until paramedics arrived.

Davita Peele, who had just finished her shift as a mail carrier, helped direct traffic and kept other drivers safe.

"I got out of my car because people started to blow through the light change, and people didn't see what was going on, so I'm like, ok, just go around, don't go this way, go that way," she told WPBF.

The driver, Laurie Rabyor, told WPEC that she passed because she was fasting for an upcoming medical procedure and had taken blood pressure medication. She told the station that she tried to pull over at a gas station but blacked out.

"When I started to pull in is when I went out and started to convulse, and I hit the curb. I didn't wake up until the next day," said Rabyor.

The Boynton Beach Police Department shared the video on Facebook and said they are working to organize a meeting between the Good Samaritans and Rabyor.

"You all work fast! We have been put in touch with several of the Good Samaritans. We are coordinating everyone's schedules to get them together with the woman they rescued. We will let you know once it's confirmed. Thank you. 💙," the department wrote.

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