Geek Out About Your Favorite TV Shows With These 7 Rewatch Podcasts

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We love to talk about our favorite TV shows and movies, but there’s nothing more deflating than getting all geared up for a geek-out session about your favorite show and all you get in return is, “Yeah, it’s pretty good.” Doesn’t everyone want to dissect every character's motivation? Point out plot holes and Easter eggs? Realize that the writers brilliantly foreshadowed something that doesn’t happen for another three seasons? Laugh at that hilarious running gag? Wonder why a storyline went in a weird direction, or why a character was written off? It’s part of the magic! Can’t you see that? Do you even like TV??? 

…..OK, OK, maaaybe we take our TV shows a little too seriously. But fortunately, there’s a wealth of rewatch podcasts out there who take some of our favorite shows as seriously as we do, from iconic dramas like One Tree Hill and hit sitcoms like Scrubs to the guilty pleasure that is 90 Day Fiancé – and they dive deep, getting into all the juicy behind the scenes details, laughing it up with the cast and crew, and trying to figure out just what makes each show so enduringly enjoyable. If you love TV, and talking about TV, there’s a perfect podcast on this list for you.

Zooey Deschanel might be The New Girl in the world of rewatch podcasts, but she is more than ready to bring fans everywhere back to Apartment 4D on Welcome To Our Show! Co-hosted with fellow stars Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris, they’ll rewatch all seven amazing seasons of their hilarious sitcom The New Girl, figure out the baffling rules of True American, interview cast, crew, writers, and producers to get all the tea about making the show happen, and try to answer the ultimate question: Where did “Schmidt” look sexiest, on the bed or the couch?

It’s entirely possible that no one does a rewatch podcast better than the Fake Doctors, Real Friends team of Zach Braff and Donald Faison. First of all, their hit 2000s show Scrubs is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, so every conversation is chock-full of all your favorite jokes, gags, and moving moments. But their real-life friendship really makes it one of the most entertaining – especially when they get on a tangent or start calling each other names. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry with laughter, and you’ll laugh some more; you're welcome.

Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton Morgan, and Bethany Joy Lenz played three best friends on their iconic 2000s-era teen drama One Tree Hill, and their real-life friendship makes Drama Queens another fun listen. They do an excellent job taking the show seriously enough to provide earnest and eloquent observations about the storylines and characters, but not so seriously they can’t laugh at the more egregious plot points or melodramatic dialogue. Heartfelt, funny, and refreshingly frank, this is the podcast Ravens fans everywhere deserve.

It’s been thirty years since Beverly Hills, 90210 hit screens and instantly became a pop culture phenomenon, so it’s way overdue for a revisit. That’s why two of the stars, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, decided to rewatch – and relive – the show that was way ahead of its time. They reminisce about the auditions, the afterparties, and the astonishing amount of fame they were hit with at a young age (fellow stars Jason Priestley and Luke Perry once had to be smuggled out of a shopping mall in laundry baskets!). Take it back to the OG with 90210MG.

The Office accountant “Kevin Malone” might have thought that “few word do trick,” but the actor who played him, Brian Baumgartner, doesn’t think much of that idea. He dedicates quite a lot of words to the universally beloved comedy that reinvented the workplace sitcom, and they’re all great – especially on The Office Deep Dive, where he sits down with creators Greg Michaels and Michael Schur as well as writers and his fellow castmates for in-depth interviews about everything that had to come together to get this underdog of a show to the air.

Scott Patterson played the gruff but lovable “Luke Danes” on the legendary dramedy Gilmore Girls, but he never actually saw a single episode – until now. Joined by his I Am All In producers (and Gilmore superfans) Amy, Riley, and Danielle, he gets a whole new look at Stars Hollow, and it’s endearing to listen to him slowly but surely become obsessed with the show. His recall of days on set is impressive, too, and his conversations with fellow cast members or other superfans are charming and down-to-earth – and they talk at a normal speed, too!

90 Day Fiancé might be trashy reality TV – but it’s entertaining trash. And there’s no one better to watch it with (under the influence or not!) than Miles and Sofiya. They’re both hilarious with great chemistry, and play off each other well: Where Sofiya is cynical, Miles is idealistic, so they cover all the bases. And they’re not afraid to get scientific: They have a failproof algorithm both they and the cast are scored against. You could win big with a “Responsible Parent” bonus, but beware the “Petty B***h” penalty! You could end up in Cancelvania. Simply put? For a good time, call 420 Day Fiancé.

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