Athol woman claims her dogs were attacked by cougar


ATHOL, Idaho -Miles from a bustling city, life is peaceful out in the country.

But that peace and quiet turned to panic.

“They were just covered in blood and had scratches all over them,” Whitney DesJarlais said.

Whitney and her husband’s four German Shepherd’s were attacked Monday night.

The family rushed their dogs to the vet the next morning and their vet concluded that a canine couldn’t have caused that serious of injuries and that a mountain lion was to blame.

One of her German Shepherd’s, Josie, was injured the worst.

“She has probably 75-100 stitches on her back end,” DesJarlais said.

According to the Idaho Fish and Game, the attack was more than likely done by a cougar, but it’s hard to determine because there have been no concrete sightings or proof of a cougar roaming the area.

They hope that if it was a cougar, it’ll flee the area.

Whitney has a message for pet owners.

“You may want to let your dogs in or your cats in at night at least,” she said.

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