Wildland firefighters travel across the country to help


NORTH IDAHO -After fourteen days of sixteen hour long shifts, North Idaho was lucky to have a Pennsylvania fire crew who wasn't ready to start packing their belongings. Rather, they stayed and worked hard until the very end. 

"That was the thing that really struck me this morning, it was like no, we got a lot to do today," Duane Buchi, the Public Information Officer for the North Idaho ICT 3 team said.

When fire crews come across the country to work, they're not put up in hotel. They sleep in tents and get up at the crack of dawn and work tirelessly for weeks straight.

"They won't have a day off until they go home." Buchi said, "usually when crews have had a long few weeks, they're pretty excited about going home. But this morning, they were just excited to go to work today and put in another really hard day."

This Pennsylvania fire crew has been battling the 5,500 acre Cougar fire and the 2,800 Surprise Creek fire

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