Thief steals Spokane family's brand new travel trailer


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane family is hoping to get their trailer back after they just bought it. They say the thief took off in a rush and even left behind marks on the concrete. They live near Thor and Freya on the lower South Hill.

Dallace says his family just got back from a trip, using the travel trailer for the very first time. "You don't expect it to be gone in a day. We literally just parked it yesterday and woke up this morning and it was gone," he said.

At 6:00 a.m. on Monday, Dallace says he couldn't believe it and neither could his children. "We bought it really for the kids. They asked, ‘Where's my trailer dad?’ That was the hard part. Material stuff you can kind of replace, it’s just the emotional attachments they have with it," said Dallace.

Dallace says whoever took it, ran over the wheel chock that he had in front of the tire. "We noticed that there was drag marks on the concrete where they didn't get the stabilizer bar up. It looks like they took off in a hurry," he said.

Police came to get a report from Dallace and found a neighbor a few blocks away, who reported a trailer in front of his home around 5:00 a.m. That trailer ended up being Dallace's.

The neighbor ended up catching the suspect or suspects on his surveillance cameras. Police say, the neighbor said something didn't look right.

Dallace watched the video. In the video, you can see someone park in front of a home and start messing with something. “He's there in the back trying to fix what was causing the drag on the ground. Then shortly, he gets back in the truck because I think the neighbor spooks him," said Dallace.

The suspect takes off with the travel trailer in tow.  “Always be vigilant. If something doesn't seem right, definitely call the cops. That's how we put two and two together," said Dallace.

He says he's glad for a neighbor watching out and he hopes he'll be able to see his trailer soon to make lasting memories with his family.

Police say a way you can prevent something like this from happening is you can buy a trailer hitch and you can also buy wheel locks.

Dallace says his travel trailer is a 17-foot Viking bunkhouse slideout.

He also put a nine gallon tank on it.

If you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call Crime Check: 509-456-2233.

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