1988 TV ads paint Spokane in a different light

Spokane has changed a lot over the years.

It's still changing.

Go walk in downtown Spokane right now if you need any proof. Riverfront Park is currently under a major redevelopment and doesn't resemble its former self. There are new buildings, new hotels, and new roads. 

Change is good. Spokane is changing for the better. If you need proof of this, you don't need to go walk around, you can watch these commercials put out in 1988. 

What's interesting is that instead of highlighting our proximity to outdoor recreation, our beautiful river or park, we are shown Spokane to be a place where you can dance the night away and slap your bro in the belly when an attractive woman walks by.

There is a catchy jingle, however, in the first one. It's based on The Lovin' Spoonful's #2 hit "Daydream" from 22 years prior.  That's fun.  In the second one, you can catch a glimpse of the Chiefs.

The ads are certainly dated and a sign of the times. Our town has come a long way since then. That's a good thing. 

(story: Cory Howard, Executive Producer Interactive, KHQ.com; videos and image: YouTube user Beta MAX)

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