Spokane mom says angry driver threw lug nuts at car


A mom is warning drivers to be careful after a road rage incident nearly hurt her 2-year-old daughter.

She asked not to be identified as she’s still shaken by what happened Monday.

She was driving along Trent, when she went to go pass a dark metallic grey truck. She says as they tried, the truck sped up. Eventually, she was able to pass the truck, but then the truck started tailing them.

“He still was on us and making smart remarks at us,” she says. “He tried running us off the road.”

She still can’t believe what happened next.

“He threw the lug nut at us,” she says. “Most terrifying is that if it went through that window, I could’ve lost my daughter.”

They took a picture of the damage. You can see the dents near the window where her daughter was sitting in the back seat.

She did report this incident to police. She hopes that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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