Zags bringing Spokane national media attention


Gonzaga launched the city of Spokane into the national spotlight, and with this - new found fame.

It’s drawing national media, like ESPN to converge on the city.

So what are some of the best places around Spokane?

There are a lot of beautiful places like the river, the parks and the beautiful scenery, but we wanted to know what are some local spots that only locals know about and where they would take people from out of town.

Riverfront Park, Mount Spokane, the clock tower- all staples of Spokane.

But what about places that make Spokane... Spokane?

"Probably Indian Canyon Falls, that's over by the Indian Canyon Golf Course," said one woman.

"We like the bowl and pitcher, yeah we like that one with the walking bridge and I like the Indian painted rocks too,” said a couple we spoke to.

And if adventure isn’t your thing, maybe the food and drink scene is more your style.

Some suggestions we got from people included Bruins over at Montvale, the Clinkerdagger, the Boiler Room, Town River Grill, and the Flying Goat.

Plenty of options to explore and there's plenty of time to do so. 

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