Big fan has collected Zags shirts for 20 years


Zag fans are showing their support any way they can. One man wants to make sure that wherever he goes, people know about Gonzaga.

Ondrej Dezarn has filled his home with Zags shirts.

“I'm a big shirt collector,” he says with a laugh. “I've gotten one Gonzaga shirt pretty much every year over the past 22 years.”

He's been a fan since moving to Spokane, watching the growth of the program and of the athletes. And he wants everyone to know it. That's why getting these shirts are so important to him.

“Every time I go somewhere I'm wearing something Gonzaga,” he says. “It's your way of being able to experience that with the team. You know? Because you put the shirts on, you go out and you're representing your team.”

His most recent and proudest addition is the Final Four shirt. He made sure he was in line Sunday to get it. And according to Ondrej, his collection isn’t done growing yet this season.

“I can't wait until Saturday when I can go down to get the national championship T-Shirt because I know that's coming,” he says. 

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