Sharkey no longer Ferris HS head football coach

Ferris HS football coach Jim Sharkey

KHQ has confirmed that Jim Sharkey is no longer the head football coach at Ferris High School, but is still employed as a teacher, though he remains on administrative leave while an investigation continues into whether Sharkey exposed himself to students.

Kevin Morrison with Spokane Public Schools tells KHQ Sharkey no longer has the head coaching job, and that the job listing will be made public on Thursday. 

KHQ confirmed that the Shoshone County Sheriff's office is investigating allegations that Sharkey exposed himself to students at a leadership camp in the summer of 2016.

Sharkey was suspended by Spokane Public Schools after several students came forward and complained.

The camp is located in Cataldo, Idaho, on property owned by Bobby Brett. Brett is a majority owner of the Spokane Indians and the Spokane Chiefs.

In addition to exposing himself to the students, Sharkey is also accused of encouraging hazing and speaking profanely in front of the players.

KHQ spoke with Sharkey's lawyer, Bevan Maxey, earlier this month who defended his client and said the allegations were not true, adding, "It's important not to jump to conclusions until all the information is in."

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