Gonzaga Final Four gear is flying off the shelves


If you’re staying home to watch the game, you probably will want some Zags gear. But it seems like that’s a little hard to do as the Zags are on their way to the Final Four.

“It has been pandemonium the whole time,” says Ken Roughton, manager of the Zag Shop.

The Zags are at the top of their game and these employees at the shop have to be at the top of theirs.

“Zag fans want all the Zag gear they can get a hold of,” Roughton says.

The Final Four shirts sold out quickly. They do have more shipments of merchandise coming in midweek. Seeing this kind of excitement and demand reminds Roughton of when the Zags were ranked number one the last time a couple years ago. He says the best way to get your hands of these hot items is to place an order online.

This kind of demand isn’t surprising to Roughton.

“Zag fans are Zag fans 365 days a year,” he says.

That's because fans want to show their boys how proud they are to be a part of Zag Nation.

“It's so awesome to see that level of character representing this part of the Northwest,” Roughton says.

Other stores are also carrying this merchandise. Zome Design tells KHQ they are expecting a shipment Wednesday of the Final Four shirts too. 

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