Spokane's flood damage repair might cost millions


It could take millions of dollars to repair the county roads. That's what Spokane County is estimating based on the damage from this year's snowpack and the rain and flooding that won't seem to quit. The county remains under a state of emergency with dozens of roads staying closed because of undriveable conditions.

Parts of the county roads are eroding and some are just disappearing. The county says a few of the roads have been closed since the first state of emergency was declared last month. Currently, we're in a second state of emergency. "What's happened with the milder temperatures, some of the ground has thawed, it's absorbed as much as the water as it can," said Public Works Spokeswoman Martha Lou Wheatley-Billeter.

She says it could take $9 million dollars to repair all of the roads that are closed for long term and permanent repairs but that could easily change. "That number will more than likely go up," said Wheatley-Billeter.

For now, people will have to be patient because the roads can't be rebuilt when the conditions are like what they are right now. "It's really in the hands of nature and how much rain we are going to get," said Wheatley-Billeter.

The county says they are applying for help from FEMA and because the governor also declared a state of emergency in Spokane, they're feeling confident the help they need is on the way.

For a list of road closures, click here:


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