Yes-that's really his name: Stockton Malone Shorts


A high school basketball player here in Salt Lake City has gotten national attention for having a legendary name- Stockton Malone Shorts.

I had to find out for myself- is it his name or his game?

Stockton says his father has always been a fan of the Utah Jazz, with John Stockton being his favorite player. No surprise, Stockton's favorite basketball player is John Stockton as well.

"He didn't even have to score to make an impact on all the games," Stockton says. "I don't think either of his records are ever going to get broken."

Stockton says there are actually a lot of Stocktons here in the area but none with a name quite like his.

"Once they find out Malone they start getting like 'really? are you serious? I don't believe you, let me see some identification' and that kind of stuff," says Stockton.

This season during the state basketball tournament a member of NBA's Utah Jazz sent a tweet and of a sudden the name Stockton Malone Shorts was everywhere.

"It got like a thousand retweets and ever since then it went to Bleacher Report, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, it just blew up," Stockton says. " I love it, it's crazy. I just newer knew it would go anywhere near this far."

Averaging 24 points a game for Copper Hills High School, Stockton was named the top player in the state this season.

And with a name like that you wouldn't expect anything less.

Stockton is hoping to see the Zags while they're here in Salt Lake and as for him...he hopes to continue playing basketball in college.

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