Spokane woman says Uber driver sexually harassed her


A ride share warning from a local woman, who says she was sexually harassed in the front seat of an Uber.

Cassandra Shine says she ordered the ride last weekend after taking in the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown.

The ride came and she got in the front seat, but after a few blocks things started getting weird.

"Our hands were locked and he would put it down on my leg and touch my leg and everything, Shine said.

Shine says she had told the driver no about 4 timesbut the message never got across.

At one point the driver asked her to kiss him and then pulled her in for a hug which is when Shine said she told the driver no and got out as fast as she could.

KHQ reached out to Uber about the incident.

They told us this is the first complaint regarding this driver they have received, but they take allegations like this very seriously.

Since speaking with Shine, they told us they have blocked the driver from accepting rides.

Uber also has a list of safe riding tips on its website, you can see those tips here: https://www.uber.com/info/rider-safety-tips/

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