How much $$$ to follow the Zags to Salt Lake City


Gonzaga Men's Basketball fans have always traveled well, espcially during March Madness. The Zags are headed to Salt Lake City to play South Dakota State. The game will be Thursday at 11am (Pacific Daylight Time) at Vivint Arena. 

If you're planning to go, here's a breakdown of the cost of traveling from Spokane to Salt Lake City:

If you drive, you can expect to pay at least $440. If you fly, you're looking at about $1000 or more. 

The prices listed are rough estimates and do not include game tickets, food, parking, taxes, and other costs. How much you pay may also depending on how and where you book. 

If you're planning to stay in Spokane, you can take a long lunch at watch the game on TBS.

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