Spokane teen on a mission to stop bullying


A video taken back in September of two North Central students fighting is making the rounds on social media once again, getting dozens of new comments and shares.

In it, it shows the fight that happened off campus attracted a crowd, and nobody stepped in. Spokane Public Schools tells KHQ the two students involved in the fight were disciplined and that all students are aware of the code of conduct as it’s outlined in the student handbook.

While we don’t know the circumstances behind this particular fight, there’s one student in the district who wants to make sure fights like this don’t happen again.

Jonathan Benecchi is a junior at Lewis and Clark High School. For him, sadly this kind of thing isn’t a surprise.

“It happens everywhere,” he says. “Whenever somebody gets in a fight, nobody does anything. Nobody steps in and stops it, except teachers if they’re there.”

Jonathan is on a mission to change this. He’s the president of Lil Guardians of the Children Northwest, a non-profit dedicated to be an advocate for victims and stop bullying.

“We’re there to step into a situation if needed,” he says. “We’re there to help them out through rough times.”

Times Jonathan is well aware of as he has been bullied before.

“I’ve gotten my life threatened,” he says.

His group currently has 30 members in the Spokane area, but he hopes that number grows. So that next time when others see something wrong, they’ll stand up for what’s right.

The group is always looking for new members. They have a meeting this Friday night. If you would like more information: https://www.facebook.com/LIl-Guardians-Of-The-Children-Inland-Northwest-Chapter-835205693279219/

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