Spokane parents wonder who to trust with children


Following the report of a baby boy beaten to death and the man accused of his death being his babysitter, hundreds of comments flooded KHQ’s Facebook page asking the question “How can you trust anyone with your kids?”

If you take your child to a daycare, the WA State Department of Early Learning licenses them. To get a license, it requires hours of training, that teachers be CPR and first aid certified, background check, and regular and random inspections.

As a parent, you can monitor those licensed child care facilities or in home providers online. You can also see the complaints and inspection reports. https://www.del.wa.gov/check

Here’s a suggested checklist of questions parents can use to ask whoever will be taking care of their kids: https://www.del.wa.gov/sites/default/files/imported/publications/development/docs/You_have_a_choice_eng.pdf 

If you’re having trouble finding care: http://childcareaware.org/families/choosing-quality-child-care/if-you-cant-find-care/

Child care providers say as a parent, you should trust your gut too.

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