Neglected child locked out of Spokane apartment

Neglected Spokane child - toy outside apt

A 28-year-old Spokane mother was booked on a charge of criminal mistreatment after witnesses say they found her passed out inside her home while her young child was locked outside in the rain. 

An apartment complex manager on W. 7th told officers he was flagged down at around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday after residents noticed a young child, about 3-years-old, soaking wet with soiled pants shivering outside. According to court documents, the child was wearing nothing but a soaking wet t-shirt, sweats and rain boots. The child was physically shivering and wearing wet socks on his hands

Witnesses say the child was standing about 15 feet from the edge of a ravine behind the complex. 

According to court documents, residents of the complex tried to take the child back to his apartment and found the mother, identified as Kaila Turner, "passed out" on the couch. Court documents say when alerted to her child being found outside alone, Turner responded with "oh ok." Witnesses say they believe Turner was under of the influence of something when they spoke with her. 

Neighbors told KHQ's Hayley Guenthner this is the second time authorities have shown up regarding the well-being of the child. 

Turner was arrested and charged with criminal mistreatment and bonded out of jail on Sunday. 

Turner told KHQ on Tuesday she was napping. Turner said the boy is not in her custody at this time, and she drug tested by CPS on Tuesday. Results are expected to be back in a few days, according to Turner. 

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