Spokane family cat poisoned by antifreeze

cat Vader poisoned by antifreeze

The nasty weather has all of us reaching for different chemicals to make life easier. One local family is hopeful their heartbreaking experience with one of them will remind all of us to be extra careful.

You probably know antifreeze is harmful to pets, but did you know it only takes a few drops? Leaks and spills are easy to come by, and experts say our pets are drawn to the substance.

"Especially in the winter, it's one of the more common causes of animal causes of animal poisoning," said SCRAPS director Nancy Hill. "It's attractive. It's an attractive nuisance."

Shayla Wallace knows that all too well. She said her cat Vader died Tuesday after being poisoned. She said the vet told her, he suspects it was antifreeze.

"The vet told me he was poisoned," she said. "He wouldn't move. He wouldn't get up. He was confused."

Shayla said the vet explained it all appeared to be symptoms of antifreeze. It doesn't take much to do deadly damage to small animals.

"I'm sad, I'm heartbroken," she said.

Shayla hopes her loss will motivate all of us to be extra careful with winter chemicals. She is pleading with her neighbors to be mindful of any leaks or spills.

"I loved him," she said.

SCRAPS says deicers can also be deadly to our pets. Hill said always reach for a pet-friendly version, and even then, frequently wash your pet's paws to get the substance off.

Shayla also called the police to report the death, on the off chance it was intentional. 

(story: Hayley Guenthner, KHQ Local News Anchor & Reporter, KHQ.com; photo: Shayla Wallace)

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