Most parents believe it's up to them to teach their children about alcohol.  More than 70-percent of the moms and dads answering The Century Council's poll think they should be responsible for educating their kids on the subject.  In addition, 89-percent feel they have the biggest influence on their kids when it comes to drinking.  And they're right.  Nearly 85-percent of the ten-to-18-year-olds taking part in the poll say their parents are "the leading influence" on their decisions about drinking.  But moms and dads also know they aren't the only ones their children turn to for advice.  Nearly 60-percent recognize friends and peers as having an influence, 42-percent say siblings play a role, and 40-percent believe teachers can make a difference. 

Parents are also stepping up to the task.  Just ten-percent of the kids say they haven't discussed alcohol use and abuse with their parents.  Two-thirds of the children say their talk addresses the physical affects of alcohol on the brain and body, while 64-percent are instructed on the hazards of drinking and driving.  Nearly 60-percent say their parents stress that underage drinking is illegal.