People are most inclined to lie to their parents and partners.  At least that what they're claiming in a new Harris Poll.  Nearly 45-percent confess to having fibbed at least once to their mom or dad, while 41-percent admit they haven't always been honest with their spouse or significant other.  In addition, 38-percent say they've lied to their doctor, and 36-percent haven't always told their best friend the truth.  Siblings seem to be the strongest confidants, with just 32-percent saying they've been dishonest with their brother or sister.  When it comes to lying, 37-percent have done so to get out of work, while 32-percent have made up an excuse to skip a social event.  More than a quarter have lied to stay out of school, and 23-percent have been dishonest to avoid a family gathering.  Fourteen-percent have resorted to lies to break a date.

Americans seem to be pretty skeptical of one another as well.  Nearly 70-percent say they believe the other people taking the survey lied about their answers, but just six-percent admit they weren't completely truthful in taking the poll.