Discount and department stores will be busy over the next couple of months as families get ready for the new school season.  Nearly two-thirds of the respondents in a National Retail Federation poll say they'll be heading to the discount stores to stock up, with 59-percent visiting department stores.  However, 54-percent say they'll also see what's available at clothing stores.  Just over a quarter will be doing business at electronic stores.  Just under a quarter of the adults polled have already started their back-to-school shopping.  But 45-percent say they'll begin searching for supplies three-to-four-weeks before school begins, and 25-percent will give themselves one-to-two-weeks to stock up.  Fewer than five-percent will wait until the week school begins or postpone their shopping until after classes are in session. 

A new survey is exposing the surprising television habits of many Americans.  According to the poll conducted by LC Electronics, two-thirds of Americans say they usually fall asleep with the TV on.  Almost half say they tend to head straight to the remote within 15 minutes of getting back home during their usual routine.  Nearly a third do so as soon as they wake up in the morning.  Television seems to be the background noise of choice for most households.  Over 70 percent say they leave the TV on while they are doing chores and cooking.  Twenty-two percent of respondents admit to leaving it on while being intimate with their partners.