Most Americans say they are scared about at least one aspect of the aging process.  A Harris Interactive survey on behalf of Pfizer finds that 87 percent of respondents say they fear getting older.  For the majority, it's the idea of losing independence that's the most concerning.  Twenty-three percent say they fear the decline in their physical abilities, while 15 percent say they're more worried about memory loss.  Over ten percent are afraid of the heightened risks of a chronic disease and running out of money to support themselves.

The study also looked at social media, finding that 62-percent of the tweets about aging in the past year have been negative.

When it comes to getting a car, money matters.  The price leads the list of factors people consider when buying or leasing a new or used vehicle, according to a new YouGov poll.  More than 95-percent say the cost is "important," including 75-percent who believe it's "very important."  Over 90-percent also think fuel efficiency and mileage are significant, but they're only considered "very important" by 60-percent.  Approximately 90-percent also prioritize safety. 

However, just 59-percent call a car's safety features "very important" and only 53-percent feel the make and model's safety record is "very important."  Meanwhile, less than 20-percent think brand loyalty, a car's luxury features, or the image the vehicle projects are "very important."