Parents are finding that family vacations provide more than a break from their typical routine.  According to a new Disney Time Survey, moms and dads are realizing that they spend more quality time with their kids while on vacation.  Parents say the majority of the time spent together on vacation is "quality time," compared to only about half of the time they spend together at home.  Nearly 85-percent feel they've spent "quality time" with their kids if their kids learn something about them, and 97-percent say that tends to happen while on vacation.  Moms and dads also admit that during a typical week at home they usually only eat about ten meals together, but that number jumps to 19 on vacation.  At least three-quarters add that the whole family tends to be more excited and relaxed during vacations, while 68-percent are more inclined to be silly.  Nearly 55-percent say everyone is more calm while on vacation, and 54-percent say they become more affectionate toward one another.