Given the choice, most vacationers would go to a beach.  Three-quarters of the respondents in Expedia's global "2014 Flip Flop Report" say they'll probably visit a beach within the next year, while 56-percent went on a beach vacation during the past 12 months.  Nearly 80-percent don't need a reason, but will take a beach vacation "just because."  Once they've hit the sand, 88-percent just want to relax, while 70-percent also enjoy a stroll along the shoreline.  Nearly two-thirds like to swim, but 44-percent confess they're nervous about a possible shark encounter.  Sunbathing is popular among 53-percent.  German and Austrians lead the way in nude sunbathing, at 28-percent, while fewer than five-percent of the Thai, South Korean, or Japanese beachgoers enjoy getting an all-over tan.  Reading, napping, and people-watching are other popular beach activities.  Only a quarter like to party on the beach.