A majority of Americans think the nation isn't doing that well today compared to two decades ago.  Three-quarters of the respondents in a National Geographic Channel poll say the U.S. was "safer" in the 1990s than we are today, and 77-percent believe the country was "better off" at the end of the last century.  Former President Bill Clinton is also being remembered very favorably.  If he and current President Barack Obama faced off in an election today, 74-percent would cast their ballot for Bill -- including 61-percent of Democrats and a whopping 90-percent of Republicans.

When it comes to entertainment, 53-percent believe TV was better back in the '90s.  But 59-percent say movies today are better than they were 20-some years ago.  "Seinfeld" leads the list of favorite '90s TV shows, with 18-percent of the vote.  But 17-percent are "X-Files" fans, while 15-percent like "Friends" the best.  Meanwhile, "Forrest Gump" and "Titanic" top the list of the best movies of the 1990s.