(AP) — Selfie-gate? It isn't getting quite to that point. But some are raising questions about the backstory of Ellen DeGeneres' celebrity filled selfie from the Oscars on Sunday night. One of the biggest questions is her choice of camera — and whether big-stakes product placement had anything to do with the choice. The "shot seen around the world" was fired off with a Samsung camera. And it so happens that Samsung was a major commercial sponsor of the Academy Awards telecast. The company also gave phones to student presenters and encouraged them to tweet and post on Instagram with them. Dozens of Samsung phones, tablets and TVs were used to make a digital photo display in the backstage green room. Meanwhile, when DeGeneres posted her own tweets from backstage, they were taken with an Apple iPhone — which indicates that she uses it personally. ABC says Samsung didn't specifically pay for the use of its camera in the selfie segment — and the product name wasn't used. But Samsung later issued a statement saying it was donating $3 million dollars — $1.5 to two of DeGeneres' favorite charities